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Fast Luck Oil is used to shift fortune in your favor quickly while warding off bad luck. This oil works with any sort of money, love, sex, and success work as an additional power boost.

Fast Luck oil is a popular oil to use in fortune and games of chance as it moves to spin the odds in your favor as often as possible. If you're looking for a night on the town and a hot lover, use this oil whole speaking your desires into the air.

Fast Luck can also work miracles when you find yourself in a tight spot and you need to conjure a way out of your situation or flip your fortune. The oil works at a rapid speed so be prepared to move the same during your day when wielding this oil's power.

Rub a little on your hands before going out to gamble or heading to an interview. Can be used to feed mojo bags and anoint relevant objects.

Fast Luck



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