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Flying Devil oil is a versatile uncrossing, hex-breaking oil with aggressive defensive and banishing powers - intended to send your "devils" hurling back into the hellhole they crawled out of. Primarily, this oil can be used to uncross yourself from a hex, jinx or curse or other crossed conditions. It gives you an enduring shield of protection from immediate spiritual attacks and assists in warding off negative spirits and entities. This is an old generational recipe and is one of the more complex formulas I have for combating threats. This oil is a great partner if you are doing mirror work, revocations, reversals, or using black candles (taper candles, rub downward). You can also put 13 drops in a bottle and spritz in corners where you feel the energy is off or negative. Other uses of this oil include: applying at doorways and sills, and anoint petition papers, gris gris, evil eye charms, and poppets. If you have other protective symbols, anoint those with Flying Devil oil also.

Flying Devil

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