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Fuck Me oil is great for those wanting to enhance lust and great to use prior to or during intercourse or alone time while focusing on affirmations for sexual power. Tap into your mysterious, sexual energy by using Fuck Me oil to increase your libido, increase your stamina, and attract that person you desire! Fuck Me oil amplifies your wishes and preferences to attract them to you. It also assists in lust, to be desired, and sexual attraction.

Fuck Me oil will help keep your relationship fresh and exciting. Use this condition oil to create passion, desire, romance, and to keep your love interest from wandering.

Use Fuck Me oil to spice up the current relationship or with a new partner. Wear this oil while you are out or hanging out with your partner/potential lover, and it will assist in increasing your sexual appeal.

Some benefits of Fuck Me Oil include:

-Heightened confidence & feelings of well-being.

-Make attraction and socialization easier.

-Being perceived as more attractive by the opposite sex.

-Others feeling drawn to you & making more connections.

-Rekindling a current relationship by increasing arousal.

Fuck Me oil inspires deep longing and desire to make others entirely devoted to you, so that their sentiments never wane. Each drop of Fuck Me oil holds its own magical power to make the object of your affection think only of you, allowing romance and obsession to develop until there’s nothing but that unrelenting spark between the two of you.

Additional Benefits of Fuck Me Oil

-Drawing Love - from all directions, unisex

-Strengthening affection between partners

-Rekindling romance from distant lovers

-Rekindling love in all areas of life

-Improved sensual confidence

Ways to Use Fuck Me Oil

- Use Fuck Me oik to anoint photographs or letters, if you have a specific person in mind by rubbing some of the oil on the edges of the photograph or letter.

- Jewlery can also be dressed with Fuck Me oil before use by dabbing a drop or two.

- A few drops can be added in your bath, preferably at night.

- Use Fuck Me oil with love spells and candle magic. Anoint a red (lust) or orange (sexual passion) candle with Fuck Me oil and once the candle has been lit, concentrate, and state your wish "I desire for __"

Fuck Me



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