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Golden Wall of Protection Oil is a transformative blend that protects your spiritual and personal energy from negative influences, energies, chaos, and disruption.

Golden Wall strengthens your aura and personal spaces by shielding them with the energy of Divine Golden Fire. Golden Wall oil transmutes every negativity, attack, and loss you've experienced and transform them into blessings of wealth, luck and opportunities.

Golden Wall of Protection oil can be used to anoint candles, Sigils, petition papers, crystals, mojo bags, poppets, doors, windows, and other ritual objects.

Depending on the nature of the spellwoork or intention, you can anoint the body and/or personal belongings and visualize the brilliant, shimmering gold shield around you or the object.

 Golden Wall creates a barrier of protection that both drives off evil and keeps away harm, a two-pronged approach that helps keep the things anointed with it free from all malevolence. It’s also good at driving out evil entities from a space and keeping them from returning.

Whatever your enemy wishes upon you, Golden Wall of Protection will change it into a blessing for you instead - so you remain undefeated.

Include Golden Wall into as many of your daily spiritual and magical rituals as possible and with every affirmation. Use Gold candles for generating luck, red candles for enhanced protection, and orange candles for overall success and favor with legal concerns.

Golden Wall of Protection



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