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This is a fiery solution that can be used to break habits and purify spaces. It may also be used to banish unwanted emotions, conditions, and anything else you are trying to purge from your life, such as debts and people. This can be applied to sour jars to send a person away from you. GTFO is an oil that works aggressively, so ensure you are ready for strong, rapid responses to your petitions. Bless your bedroom and bedroom door to banish nightmares and your house to ward off evil. Tell the devils in your home to get to packing.If you're planning on getting fit or losing weight, use Banishing oil on a petition to shed your desired amount of weight but expressing that it is lost in a safe, healthy manner. When using to get rid of debts, legal concerns, and the law - GTFO should be used in conjunction with strategies necessary to ensure your success and protection.Handle with care and wash your hands because this oil is really hot.




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