This glamour oil is used to elevate self-esteem and personal happiness. This oil enhances general attractiveness, irresistibility, and gives you a mesmerizing presence. You will disturb the aura of practically anyone you come across.

This glamour oil falls under the domain of the Red River for the river's ability in compelling people to notice and subconsciously venerate it. And that is how I'm a Snack oil will imprint you in the minds of others. Someone shimmering with divine beauty and grace.

Glamour oil will induce feelings of passion, arousal, keen interest and lust. When not used for romantic matters, it can be a powerful tool in business work, especially when you want to make your company look as like a more attractive option than your competition or if you want to enchant the room during a meeting, roundtable, or interview. 

Because the Red River is a place of commerce, this oil is handy for sales representatives and account managers who need to swoon customers and clients and get more commission, bonuses, and tips. 

I'm a Snack