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I'm a Snack oil is a glamor oil to gain the attention of a specific person or other people in general. It helps to increase sex appeal, disturb the aura of everyone you meet, attract popularity, and also has an impressive aphrodisiac effect on others. You can make this condition oil work for you by leaving a positive influence everywhere you go.

Here are a few tricks to make it work:

Tip 1. Dab I'm a Snack oil on the soles of one's shoes 3 times -  top, middle, bottom - to attract other people's attention when you're out. Do the opposite to a partner's shoes to keep them coming back to you.

Tip 2. Anoint your lipstick tube with I'm a Snack oil and use it before a date to increase irresistibility. If you kiss the person with your blessed lipstick, they will always desire to be yours.

Tip 3. Get a white, pink, or red, or black figure candle (male or female), inscribe with your name or the person's name you would like to attract and focalize on. Use Im A Snack oil to anoint the candle starting from top to bottom. You can also use Adam and Eve powder to dress your candle by sprinkling or rolling it in the mix. Burn in sight on a fire proof plate. Never leave open candles alone or around pets and children.

Tip 4: Anoint your business stationery with I'm a Snack oil or apply it to a pink/green candle and burn pver your business card. This will bring success and good relationships into your network.

I'm a Snack

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