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Jupiter Oil is the Planetary oil for attracting wealth, good fortune, and spiritual power.


*When anointing oneself/objects, petitions, and doing spells related to the matters below

-Wear Jupiter oil routinely to stimulate the flow of wealth and business prosperity and for help in legal matters.

-Use Jupiter oil in rituals aimed at improving financial success, expanding your business empire, increasing the energy of your personal ambition, and/or male fertility. The affluential touch of Jupiter oil in your money Rituals brings a boon to your income.

-Jupiter oil is beneficial for developing tremendous spiritual growth, power and overall excellence; for promoting self-control and well-being; for finding rare or valuable items/treasures; and for bringing divine justice and legal luck.

-When feeling stressed/nervous, add a dropper of Jupiter oil to your bath water and soak as long as needed. This will help your relax your scattered thoughts and achieve mental clarity.

-A monthly application of Jupiter oil on your wallet will attract good fortune and retain wealth. It's suitable to use in any petition for abundance, riches, or luxury.


*How the oil's powers may manifest in your life experiences

-Jupiter oil helps stimulate happiness, grounding and emotional stability. It's rooted in helping you find meaning in the roles you have.

-Jupiter oil surrounds your in the energy of opulence, prosperity, inner and outer wealth, and outstanding generosity.

-In commerce, Jupiter oil bestows the aura of attraction and profits. No matter if you are bold in your ventures or shy about your movements, you deserve the opportunities to shine.

🥇Misc. Spiritual Info for Jupiter Oil🥇

Number: 4

Element: Fire, Air

Colors: Blue, purple, yellow

Day: Thursday

Stones: Sapphire, amethyst

Jupiter Oil

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