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This oil removes obstacles and blockages in one's romantic life. This oil helps you clear out negative repeating patterns and behaviors you make in relationships. It assists you in breaking attachments to old lovers and partners to move forward romantically.


Because Love Uncrossing comes under the domain of the Red River and is imbued with Her essence, this formula uses the powerful forces of the saltwater river to cleanse your spirit of any unhealthy lingering attachments to past lovers or friends. It helps you purge those feelings alongside helping you find peace with whatever assumed mistakes you may hold yourself accountable for, so you are able to move on with a clear heart and mind. Love Uncrossing also calls upon the power of the river to draw new love, friendship and connections in your life that are more fulfilling to your soul.


Allow yourself to be liberated and reinvented into who you want to be. Rub oil on yourself daily with affirmations and add to body washes, lotions, and body oils. This works excellently with any candle or lamp work as well. Bless your house with this oil after a quarrel, especially a lover's quarrel, or after a breakup to remove those angry residual energies.

Love Uncrossing



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