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Mercury oil is a Planetary oil for those who need the blessing of an enterprising touch! Its spiritual purpose is to improve your communication/persuasive prowess, help you acquire knowledge and information, and to bring financial luck to your business.


Mercury oil will help you find your voice and to express your wisdom in a logical, though-out way. It will help you navigate social situations where the aura of diplomacy is needed.  If you’re looking to expand your circle, Mercury oil opens the avenues for networking opportunities and making other more amicable towards you.


In business matters, Mercury oil can be used to increase commerce, sales, and brings quick luck and fast money. Orange, green, gold/yellow all resonate most poignantly with the oil’s far-reaching abilities. You can use it in matters of justice also, from anointing a HJC root to praying for power over your enemies.


Mercury oil can be used for blessing yourself when flying and for overall protection when traveling. It will bring favor to contracts and legal agreements and increase your success with exams, hearings, and job interviews.


For those who are doing other sorts of spellwork, please note that Mercury oil can be used as a tool for enhancing astral magic, aiding in divination, to clear the throat chakra, and to instill power.


Some ways to Use Mercury Oil:

Rub on the doors of your business to invite clients/customers; dab on your cash to increase your currency; use on purple candles for personal power; bless any gris gris or charms associated with drawing money; anoint your office chair to make it a “seat of power”; rub on your throat to be more persuasive and invigorate your prayers; burn on candles or anoint your crown chakra when studying for max absorption


Misc. Info for Mercury Oil

Number: 8

Zodiac: Gemini/Virgo

Element: Air/Water

Day: Wednesday

Colors: Yellow, orange, violet

Stones: Citrine, agate, aventurine

Mercury Oil

$30.00 Regular Price
$25.00Sale Price


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