It seems kinda funny to work with and venerate water spirits and not have a Mermaid oil, so here we are!

Mermaid Oil is imbued with the essence of the Red River herself which makes it a powerful, versatile condition oil to keep in your collection.Mermaids are reknown for being, often, lovely and often carry riches and abundance for those they favor. This oil can be used to charm and make yourself irresistible to whoever's attention you are trying to capture.

This power of irresistibility extends to its money-summoning powers to make one Lovers with Money in as many ways as they can think to hustle it up. This is a strong oil for the business-minded types.The Red does not tolerate laziness, so when using this oil for money, it will help bring you financial luck so long as you have some strategy or two to acquire it, such as sales or fundraisers. 

If you are especially blessed with Money from this oil, it's expected that you donate a tiny portion of it somewhere or to someone in need in order to reap more rewards. You can use it like any other money oil and rub it on wallets, desks, computers, mojos, and so forth as well as candle work and oil lamps.

Additionally, this oil is a vibrant cleanser and refresher. You may use it to dispel negative and evil influences, empower yourself and your space with sharp, encouraging energy and personal fortitude. It will ward you from illness as well and works to alleviate issues in your throat chakra so you nnay speak more freely and authoritatively.

If you need clarity or insight on a situation, this oil is especially suited for helping clear your mind of disruptive thoughts and feelings. It keeps the blues at bay if you use it when feeling down or stressed. Anoint your temples and go to a body of water such as a lake or river and pray for clarity, answers, or resolutions to your concerns and questions.

And, of course, as serious as this oil is, it's also a playful one. It will lighten your mood, make you giggle, and add a sweetness to your life every time you use it, no matter what you're experiencing. It reminds you that Water ultimately will clear out all obstacles in your way and to remain in the moment of happiness and faithfulness.

Sold as a curio.

Mermaid Oil