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Money oil assists with bringing in and increasing money and financial opportunites as often as possible and is excellent for finding discounts. This oil is good for people who work for themselves, work in sales, or in need of clients and business opportunies. It's important to note that most money oils aren't going to help you win the Powerball or at other such extremes, although it can up your chances of some sort of payout. Money oil is most effective when combined with strategies that will help you generate money, such as setting a goal of making $800 per week for your business or anointing your cash register at your brick and mortar store when running a special or exclusive sale.Use Money oil with money or wealth mantras, prayers, or affirmations. The more routine this is, the easier money will flow to you and overtime you will find yourself in a place of sturdier financial ground. This Money oil formula is ever evolving, so each new batch is stronger than the last, which makes it ideal in petitions for prosperity and riches. Familiarize yourself with the nature of money and how you can maximize it's pathways to you.Use Money oil when brainstorming business ideas so that all your work generates and brim with the potential to bring you more cash. Combine with petition work when trying to regenerate the energy of drawing income to you. Dress yourbells and chimes with oil to ring money into your life.Use on a silver candle for quick money; green candles for typical money work; and gold candles for large sums of income. It can be used on the body, candles, rubbed into wallets and purses or even the soles of your shoes.The most effective method of using Money oil is to always use some of it every day to serve as a way of manifesting money in your life, no matter how small or grand the technique is. It doesn't matter if you rub it behind your ears, put in an oil lamp, on a business card, etc because you simply want to make it routine to sing money to you as often as possible.




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