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“Play Nice” is an anti-bullying oil for children/students and is an appropriate spiritual remedy for helping them navigate the horrible affliction that is bullying. It is as much a spiritual problem as it is any other and should be addressed accordingly. This oil is comes under the Red River’s domain, and is therefore imbued with her especial energy. As such, Play Nice oil is formulated to do a number of things for your child facing this issue. One property of this oil is cloaking/invisibility, for helping the victim go relatively unnoticed by their assailants or reduce the number of encounters. It works almost like trickster energy, helping them find ways the escape, confront or subvert the assaults. It works to transmute ill luck into good fortune for the child. Because the spirit of the Red is inherently maternal, but has also been a place of war, this oil provides a powerful defense spiritually and emotionally. When in use, any attacks levied against the victim are repelled and rebound upon the bully (and this oil can be used in reversal/return to sender work) and shrouds your child in a wall of psychic defense. You will notice the oil has no qualms about banishing, reversing, and fighting off negative energy, slander, gossip, and ill-wishes. Bullying does leave scars, though, so that’s accounted for. Play Nice oil’s formula is also made to be deeply cleansing and healing emotionally and mentally. It will strengthen and repair their aura if anointed on pulse points and also protects them against the evil eye. Even more, the oil works to be calm and soothing, inducing a near tranquil state because it’s heavily made for treating anxiety, especially social anxiety related to bullying. Specifically, this oil’s formula draws positive energy, eases pain, mends the heart, promotes feelings of happiness and hope by relieving anxiety. Play Nice dispels fear, apprehension, and insecurities. It will revitalize your child’s energy and rejuvenate their soul, despite whatever their circumstances may be. Any application of this oil should be kept fairly simple. A couple drops on their pulse points will do; you can add drops on a cotton ball and place it in their pocket or backpack. If using the cottonball method, you may find it best to replace them frequently, once a week at least. It’s a fragrant oil, so don’t be too heavy-handed. If you are an instructor, you might find it wise to bless your bullied students’ chair/desk with some Play Nice oil to give them a helping hand. Binding work on the bully, such as a freezer method, is an additional effective way of reducing their harmful impact. Here’s to a much more peaceful (and safe) academic year. Check out these links to resources for bullying:STOMPStopBullyingSold as a curio.

Play Nice - Anti-Bullying Oil



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