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Pluto oil awakens our connection to pure energy and wields that power into something new.


*When anointing oneself/objects, petitions, and doing spells related to the matters below

-Use Pluto Oil to aid I'm bringing something to light. Revealing secrets, uncovering hidden (occult) knowledge, and to find answers in detective work.

-Pluto Oil gives you the power to find lost objects, transform situations, and protects you during astral travel. It also helps with overcoming evil forces, alleviating depression, and manifesting sex and sensuality.

-If facing a potential calamity or natural disaster, use Pluto oil in your protection rituals against earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, death and disease. If you're on the other end of these events, Pluto oil can be used for Rebirth, renewal, letting go, radical change, shadow work and heightened clairvoyance.

-Incorporate Pluto oil in your spellwork to break longstanding curses, have victory over your enemies (and to become invisible to them entirely)

-Pluto oil helps brings things to light, sometimes in literal ways like mining and archaeology or figuratively such as research. Pluto oil connects usbwith our Spirit and the power in the air around us.


*How the oil's powers may manifest in your life experiences

-Pluto oil harnesses the unseen energy ready to be molded into something new. It brings powerful experiences, deep Soul connections, and gives us new perspectives and truths. This includes our memories.

-Pluto oil can help you bring about endings and new beginnings by pointing you back to the path of your Soul's true desires.

-Pluto oil can force you to face your darkest fears so your power can never be taken away. It highlights areas where you're inclined to give up when facing adversities.

-Pluto oil transmutes darkness and pain into light and opportunities for the benefit of all.


Number: 0

Element: Ether/Water

Colors: Black, brown

Day: Tuesday

Stones: amethyst, black coral, jet, quartz, garnet, coal, obsidian




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