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Positive Vibes restores motivation, vitality, and stimulates your creativity. It gives confidence, promotes your positive life choices, dispels apathy, and motivates you for success. Positive Vibes oil helps unlock the potential that already resides within your Soul.

Positive Vibes oil is made to cleanse and purify your spiritual and emotional body — replacing negative energies with positivity and helping to remove blockages. This is the condition oils that you go to if you're having a bad day or just need a pick-me-up.

Positive Vibes has an overall healing effect on the mind and body. It attracts positive events and positive things like luck, respect, friendship, money etc. It also dissolves negative energy and cleans the aura. Just a dab of this reassuring oil will help bring comfort to your heart.

Positive Vibes oil assists you in releasing stressful emotions that are associated from common struggles in daily life. If you are constantly overrun with intrusive thoughts and are struggling to find balance with daily routine, this condition was created to bring you into a state of harmony.

This oils can be used on the body. Add a few drops to your temples and pulse points. Use it in bath water for a spiritually uplifting bath. Add a few drop to your crown during meditation/prayer, or use it during spell work for an extra boost of energy as it can be incorporated onto every candle and ritual object you work with.

Please utilize this oil in whatever other ways bring you literal joy and happiness!

Positive Vibes



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