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This blazing road opening oil calls upon the power of fire to clear your obstacles and blockages hard and fast. This is especially recommended for people who find themselves stuck in situations, ruts, and challenges they need an expedient way out of. Red Hot Road Opener will forcefully level the playing field so that you may choose which roads and powerful opportunities appeal to you. Use this oil in rituals and spells where you want to “burn” situations out of your life and start anew. You may also apply this oil when doing work towards removing emotional blockages, shaky or stagnant finances, conflict, lack of employment, creativity blocks, and incinerating the evil eye. When using with candles, select the color the most resonates with the situation you're trying to unblock, such as pink for love and green for money or blue for emotional residue. Place on objects associated with your objective, as in rub the oil on your business cards to get clients and sales flowing or on your CV to increase your chances for employment opportunities. You can also dress a petition to rid a blockage with the oil, fold it away from you three times and carry it around with you until the unwanted condition is dissolved. With Red Hot Road Opener, you better be ready to take control of your future right away because it’s not for the faint of heart.Sold as a curio.

Red Hot Road Opener



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