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Used to alleviate anxiety and tension and bring you to a state of peace and calm and of self-acceptance. This formula is for sifting through impostor syndrome; for releasing disappointments over broken promises, people, and relationships and empowering you to desire more fulfilment for yourself. It grounds you and brings you joy and motivation to your spirit.It's crucial to understand using Self Love oil is a method of recharging your spiritual battery because it will reinvigorate your energy and spirit. The formula is geared towards lifting the clouds of depressive spells and lethargy, so that you can pull yourself to a state of balance and elation.Self Love is also good for encoding you with strong emotional cleansing and wards so you're less susceptible to lapsing into states of distress, panic and disarray. It helps deflect negative thoughts, obsession and extreme self-criticism. You will find that it works best when used with some frequency as Self Love works collectively to strengthen your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies and elevate you overall. Applying it around your neck and crown is an effective method for dispersing cumulative stress from your day.When you need to reverse the damages from traumas, broken heartedness, anger, and other such states, Self Love will work gently with you in your healing process and patch you up along the way so you can live to thrive another day. Set lights over a photo of yourself dressed with Self Love oil to alleviate feelings of heaviness, misery, and loneliness. As an added note, if you're feeling alone, unloved, lost or helpless, in a state of pain, use Self Love and call upon your ancestors, spirit guides or even the Universe to bring you showers of blessings in place of these concerns and remember you're not alone in your journey. Anoint your temples so you can induce more peaceful sleep. If you wish to uplift your home, rub Self Love oil on all of your doorknobs so it can affect everyone who touches them with its energy.Sold as a curio.There will always be a way paved for you even in the darkest of times. Self Love reminds us to keep going.

Self Love



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