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The Hell Jar is a custom creation given to me by my Ancestors for delivering retribution and justice to those who have been denied it.

The difference between the River hell jar and the cemetery version is mostly due to location! River work is swift and destructive and easier for me since I have a specific connection to the Red River divinity.

The Cemetery jar requires the jar to be buried in a certain place a certain way and there's various offerings and protections I have to shroud myself in when engaging in that kind of work The cemetery version brings disease, death and grave misfortune that sometimes takes the Spirits up to a year to materialize for you.

You also receive spiritual support from me when purchasing the hell jar service, tailored to your specific circumstances. It's always best to let me know what you're going through.

NOTE: You can add up to 9 names, no matter which option you select.

This work is reserved for rapists, abusers, assailants and anyone else who that falls into the category of human scum. It is a jar for insidious revenge, misfortune and calamity. I do not share client testimonials or client info regarding Hell Jar work. Usually people requesting this service has been greatly wronged and aggrieved and I respect their need for healing and privacy while these people attempt to cope with often harrowing traumas and experiences that have been leveled against them.

Hell Jar work often includes a series of petitions and curses and prayers. The ingredients of the jar will vary as no Hell Jar I make is exactly the same and the ritual itself is extremely more important than the individual items themselves. Often results will manifest at any given time. Some people take a couple of hours before they are hit, other targets may take months. Factors such as the targets protections, skills, awareness, proneness to accidents and misfortune can all cause variances in time in which results may manifest - but they always do. I've had hundreds of experiences with this work and patience is always essential. Time is a strange force.As an aside, please note that I am the original and sole creator of the Hell Jar, as it was a secret ritual shared by my Ancestors. Every carving, oil, and spoken word in this ritual was prescribed by them specifically.

The Hell Jar



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