If you feel as though some aspect of your life, or your life in general, has been jinxed or is agitated by negative influences, Uncrossing oil can be used to remove the condition. You will want to use Uncrossing oil when you believe your issues to be persistent and severe.

People who suffer from crossed conditions will experience a long run of unnatural sickness or bad luck in one or multiple aspects of their lives. If you are a sorcerer, witch, or practitioner of any kind, you may know you've been a target of someone's anger one particular time and you would use this oil to dissolve any spiritual attack thrown on you.

Uncrossing oil is used to remove the influence of the evil eye and reverse malevolent conditions. Additionally, it wraps you in a layer of spiritual protections and draws blessings from the universe as a way of counteracting all forms of attack.

Crossed conditions can be the result of curses and malevolent magic or ill wishes as well as divine or ancestral blockage. People can also build blockages in aspects of their lives over time if they aren't spiritually cleansing regularly. If, for example, you are struggling with severe obstructions, use Uncrossing oil in petitions aimed at dissolving the condition. When using taper candles or rubbing on your body, rub the oil downward to remove the condition.

It's also good practice to include a few drops of Uncrossing oil in your laundry, handsoaps, and bodywashes to remove any negativity that you may have encountered throughout your week.

Other ideas for using Uncrossing oil:

-For a general purification, carve your name/info into a white candle (and if there's room, one word describing the condition you wish to remove), and dress with oil, rubbing downward. Light and recite any relevant prayers.

-Rub on your purse or wallet or cash to remove blockages on your money flow. Pray for success and financial protection.

-Rub on your door handles to clear out negativity from your house. 

-If needing luck in love, add some drops to thewater when washing your bedsheets. Love Uncrossing works for this also.

-Rub on any relevant chakras to unblock them.

-Anoint objects that need to be cleared of negativity, such as antiques or jinxed items.