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12 Condition Oil Gift Ideas

Since many of you like to buy these as gifts, I decided to compile a small list of oils to consider that you should consider for friends/family for the holidays. -Crown of Success: I call this my "diplomacy" oil because I often give it as a gift when meeting with friends or networking. It is a strong and consistent road opener - and is primarily used to draw prosperity, luck, and a strong command over money. It is for the go-getter types and those who are "trapped." This is an academic oil also and can be given to students of all ages. -Red Hot Road Opener: an aggressive, fiery formula that clears one's paths in search of opportunities and it is highly recommended for people who are busy and interactive because of its purifying power. This is recommended for people who've been "stuck" for extremely long periods of time or find themselves in consistent crises and are often in need of extreme luck and protection. This helps "wipe the slate clean." -333 Artisan: an oil for all creative types who work with their hearts, minds, and hands. Artisan oil has euphoric effects and encourages creativity, clarity, relaxation, and free flowing thoughts. Its formula helps reduce and eliminate anxiety blockages related to self-criticism/sabotage, perfectionism, and nervousness. It helps to generate ideas and themes. -Queen of Victory: a reversal oil for those who have had a hell of a year. This oils removes and returns spiritual attack, binds lies and loose tongues, and exposes deceit, backstabbers, jealousy and envy. It is especially needed for people under constant spiritual, emotional and mental warfare. Queen of Victory clears and returns negative conditions thrown on you to their Sources, promotes reparative healing in the place of prior scars, traumas and damage. Recommended for people undergoing rehabilitation of any sort (especially if recently released from jail/prison). -Shi Shi: A potent and respectable conquering oil that works to break cycles (especially poverty) and works to attract riches and stability. It does wonders for increasing personal power, liberating yourself from undesirable circumstances and bringing in lump sums of money in tight or emergency situations. It is the oil for the "underdog" and the ambitious. -Grieve and Release: the holidays can be really rough for many (and that is okay). This oil breaks periods of mourning and deep depression and levels out the emotions. Instruct the recipient to apply liberally around their heart and throat (the "release" often happens as a sharp sigh/gasp). -Red River Van Van: a beloved multipurpose condition oil and pairs well with business-minded people. It draws money (most strongly in commerce), improves luck while cleansing and reversing traces of bad luck/jinxes. It's imbued with the Red's power to ferociously protect from danger and uses the element of Water to clear paths to meet your petitions/desires. It may also be used in love/sex work to draw romance or heighten sexual passion. Unlike Crown or Shi Shi, the energy of Red River Van Van is highly festive, adventurous, curious and daring to do and try anything - and is suited for such personality types. -Mermaid Oil: one of my personal favorites! Mermaid oil helps with memory/recall, clear thinking, problem solving, finding answers, and also falls under the Red's power. The mere scent helps reduce tension and promotes lightheartedness and joy and brings restful sleep. In addition, Mermaid oil governs charity and generosity, from you and to you, and has a concentrated money drawing formula to satisfy these aims. People who work in philanthropy or fundraise generally are likely to see a stronger flow in donations. Remember this rule, however: charity begets charity. If Mermaid blesses you from when in a hard place in life, return the favor in some way to another in need and you will continue to be protected. -Zodiac oils: these just make great birthday gifts but they're only season-specific. Zodiac oils are often multi-purpose "super" oils, governing a variety of different spiritual conditions simultaneously. Or, depending, they help you to master many aspects of a singular condition - the way Libra oil managed all love concerns or Cancer oil governed our emotional states. -Vivication: this is good to gift your grandfolks and parents who often cook for the holidays because it works as a topical for pain management. Give it to those whose hands and feet work hard to prepare those family meals. Vivication is, primarily, an all-purpose and practical healing oil. It's sneaky and strategic to account for people being lazy about their health. You may remember to take your medicines, take a mental health day, consume mindfully, hydrate better. The oil may also unearth "health-related benefits", like better insurances, improved therapy sessions (or even a better therapist), memberships or deals to places that you happy or healthier. It wards from sickness, reduces symptoms of having the "sniffles" (I've added camphor to aid in this). You may find yourself killing bad habits or weaning off them. Vivication infiltrates every aspect of your mental, emotional and spiritual states to seal healing into those scars and traumas, and promote vitality and long life. It gives the wearer a "zest" for being, or a sense of purpose. Apply to the temples, forehead, and over/around the neck to kill migraines. -Uncrossing: for people who have been plagued by misfortune, jinxes, bad luck, regular spiritual attack, and whose efforts are often met with stagnancy, resistance, gloom or hopelessness. White or gold candles will have the most powerful, transformative effects in terms of color. Wipe the body downward from head to toe after a bath and pray with conviction that your (named) undesired conditions be obliterated. Uncrossing goes a step further to not only eliminate these problems but assist in bringing blessings to you that have been held hostage. Love Uncrossing oil can be used in the same way, but for relationships (romantic, platonic, etc) -Link Up!: this a networking oil, made to help people discover meaningful and beneficent connections, usually in the form of sponsorship or partnership opportunities. It can be worn or used for generating prosperous or wealthy opportunities during vending events, trade shows, job interviews, meet-and-greets, if attending awards and special dinners/feasts, when seeking investments, bids and contracts, for auctions and public sales, for swaying influence in your favor with the power of persuasion. It can also be used by sex workers seeking generous clients/tips on a more ongoing basis. It has mildly seductive triggers, so don't be surprised if people 😍😍😍😍 you a lot. Link Up should be used when accomplishing "big", long-term goals that are consistently being worked toward. It's under the River's domain and can also be used to raise your local business/social profile - and is likely going to force more sociability out of you. Rub the heels of the feet and the hands when you have a busy day ahead of these activities.

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