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Aquarius Oil Notes


-Use for settling your restless mind and creating boundaries around yourself to protect against mental exhaustion and workaholism. It will return you to a state of peace and being dignity to your work.

-Aquarius oil provides a balancing effect on your energy and emotions, even negative ones like fear, appropriately allowing them to pass through you unhindered.

-For protecting against nightmares and promoting a calmer sleep/rest. Aquarius s oil clears out your mental "debris."

-In educational pursuits, Aquarius oil helps with sharpening memory and retention and encourages a vigorous appetite for learning new things and problem-solving. You can use for increased luck on exams.

-Aquarius oil turns the mind and spirit towards inventiveness and innovative thinking, compelling you to find new and more effective ways of living and working.


-Aquarius oil might inspire a bit of a rebellious streak in you or a tendency to buck a conventional norm. Interrogate it.

-Colors this oil likes: light blue (great for throat chakra work), light green, white, yellow, violet

-Wearing Aquarius oil prior to going and shopping will train your eye to look for discounts and savings. It also assists you on communicating concepts more clearly to others.

-Indulge the power of Aquarius oil by doing a mentally strenuous activity when using it.

Welcome in your free-thinking spirit.

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