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Aries Oil

Aries Oil

PRODUCT DROP: Zodiac Oils (Aries)

As part of an ongoing project, I'm releasing a Zodiac condition oil every month of whatever season it is. It seemed right to start this with Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac. You can read more about how to use this oil here.

Aries are usually outgoing signs, ambitious, big dreamers and bigger doers. They have a way of commanding the room they're in, and this oil is good for people wanting to develop and strengthen their own personal magnetism. I'd go a step further and say it's especially good for people who are shy, as Aries aren't really scared of shit and exude a suave style of cockiness. Use it for fresh starts, project management, stamina and multitasking, finishing tasks that require speediness, and creating businesses.

Aries is an adventurer so use Aries oil for exploring new places, skills, ideas and careers/jobs. If you aspire to take a role as a leader, this will give you the resolve to pursue those goals. Aries loves being first, competing aggressively for achievements and obtaining victory and glory.

Aries is good for works of lust and primal desires. Anyone who's slept with an Aries knows they're passionate and fiery in bed, and the oil can be used for exploring kinks and finding flings and one night stands. Because Aries is so fiery, the oil can be used in workings for banishing and protection to add some heat and aggression. Actually, add to anything you think requires more power.

If you are on your way to beat somebody's ass, maybe rub this oil into your hands first. 🤣🤷🏾‍♂️

This oil will run until April 19th and then we'll see all the goodies Taurus has to offer.

PLEASE NOTE: Anyone can use a Zodiac oil for its respective qualities, not JUST the people born under the sign. They also make great gifts. Each Zodiac oil will only run the length of its season, so it's only available once a year. Don't ask for a Libra oil and we're hanging out in Aquarius. Snatch it up while you can!

Happy conquering

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1 Comment

Vicki Lee
Vicki Lee
Jun 03, 2019

Can't believe I missed my own signs oil 🤧 smh

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