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Blessing Prayer for Someone Else

"I bless you with safe travels, to places you yearn to see and trips done in duty. I bless you with a cool spirit and clear mind, to move with honor and integrity. I bless your pockets and purse to overflow with money that every financial obligation is met, and that every material desire is satiated. I bless you with good health, that disease and illness remain far from you, and your mind and body are strong. I bless you with 10,000 ancestral loves, surrounding you in glory and clearing obstacles from your path. I bless you with streams of happiness and camaraderie, that you are never alone and always sweeping in romance and all expressions of healthy love. I bless you in every meaningful way, that all harm and misfortune is averted from you. May the abundances of goodness, freedom, and wealth spring forth through you."

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