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Cancer Oil Notes


-Use the nurturing energy of Cancer oil's formula to soothe frayed nerves, panicky feelings, and release cumulative anxiety. Cancer oil makes your spirit feel as if it is drifting on a warm boat in the lake underneath a dreamt overcast. It's a hard reset for your emotional state in *trying times. *cough*imlookingatyou2020youraggedybitch*cough*🥵

-Deepens feelings of compassion and understanding. There is an uncanny ability in Cancer children to read a room and assess it's emotional environment, positive or not. This heightened intuitive aspect of Cancer oil will help you navigate your spaces more accurately, especially if you're trying to avoid certain people or places.

-Use for enhancing adoration of self and within all relationships with others. This is not a glamor or a seduction that Cancer oil casts over others - but a passionate, reverential respect, almost the way one is endeared to a firm mothering figure. Cancer oil also enhances generosity and inspires it in others.

-Cancer oil draws the blessings of "domestic joys." A listening ear, a loving text, a good night's rest, laughter in the home, a nice dessert, artistry, and other such little things that inspire our individual happiness in tremendous ways. Cancer oil forces you to interrogate any roots of unhappiness in your life and drown them out. It provides intense emotional protections. Pinch, pinch on these hoes🤪


-Wear Cancer oil when meditating around water or relaxing in it. If you enjoy spending time outside alone at night, Cancer oil will increase your states of serenity and peace.

-Cancer oil increases your endurance and stamina by dissolving your energetic blockages.

-Colors that work well with this oil: white, blue, light greens

Link in the comments. This oil will be available until July 22nd!

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