Candle Color Correspondences

Most of us already know the basic understandings of how to use candle colors in our personal rituals. However, color is incredibly important on how we move through and understand the world around us so this it's important to explore other uses for colors in our work.

WHITE: Purification, unity, substitution for other colors, clarity, enlightenment, being inspired, destroying negativity, visions, crown chakra

BLACK: repulsion, sexuality, hexing, darkness, unblocking, cloaking and invisibility, shielding and fearlessness, casting glamour/allure, independence, self acceptance (especially when we dislike our physical features), mystery

BROWN: Legal concerns, justice work, regeneration, fertility, security, sophistication, elegance, creating order

ORANGE: innovation, (business) success, vitality, new ventures, energy, sexual passion, magnetism, personal power, optimism, road opening, legal issues, emotional expressiveness, freedom, harmony, sacral chakra

PURPLE: wealth, commanding/domination power, occult knowledge, magic, astral projection, tranquility, wisdom, changing luck, spirituality, beauty, prophecies and revelations, crown chakra

YELLOW: creativity, breaking addiction, sun influences, joy, overcoming mental obstructions (writer's block, for example), positivity, learning, concentration, imagination and memory, travel, solar plexus chakra

PINK: sensuality and sensitivity, affection, peace, family matters, loyalty, faithfulness, self love, heart chakra

GREEN: stability, renewal (of vows), opportunity, prosperity, grounding, balance, fertility, rebirth, finance and investing matters, beauty, heart chakra

BLUE: loyalty and devotion, verbal communication (light blue), abundance, emotional healing, truth, religiosity, coolness and calm, forgiveness, throat chakra

RED: physical healing, stamina, bloody violence, war, anarchy, psychic protection, speed, health, courage, heat, root chakra


GOLD: divinity, riches, large sums of money, success masculinity, sun, good fortune/luck, luxury, fast luck

SILVER: quick money, moon, meditation, clarity, bringing desires to fruition, prophetic dreaming, intuition

GRAY: neutralizing, stasis, disease, elegance, rest, escape, dignity/respect, surviving enduring times, conservatism, formality, reliability, stability, insight

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