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Condition Oil Prescriptions

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

PLEASE NOTE: These are my condition oils I'm likely to recommend to you based off these general situations that y'all have come to me about in the last 3 years. Please review the product pages of the oils that resonate with your needs/energy individually an choose from there:

Money/Wealth: Money, Crown of Success, Shi Shi, Bewitchment, Red River Van Van, Cipriano, Essence of Bend Over, Cling to Me, Taurus, Mermaid, Gemini, Link Up!, Red Brick Dust, Mermaid, Virgo

Career Growth: Crown of Success, Red River Van Van, Link Up, Aries, Blessings, Mermaid, Leo, Fast Luck, Red Hot Road Opener

Sex, Love, and Romance: Fuck Me, I'm a Snack, Bewitchment, Fast Luck, Love Uncrossing, Cling to Me Cipriano, Sweet Bae, Leo, Essence of Bend Over, Libra, Scorpio

Attraction (in any category): Cling to Me, Cipriano, Gemini, Leo, I'm a Snack

Protection: Galactic Protection, Cipriano, Red River Van Van, Crown of Success, Aries, Cancer, Uncrossing, Gemini (from vampirism), Leo, GTFO, Red Brick Dust, I AM, Queen of Victory, Play Nice

Legal Issues/Justice: Courtcase, Cipriano, Fast Luck, Virgo, Queen of Victory

Anxiety, Depression, Emotions: Self Love, Love Uncrossing, Crucible of Courage, Star of Glory, I'm a Snack, Follow Me Bae, Grieve and Release, Cleansing, Taurus, Aries, Gemini, Leo, Mermaid, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Burnout, Play Nice

Power, Control & Confidence: Follow Me Bae, Aries, Mermaid, Cancer, Bewitchment, Do As I Say, Leo, Essence of Bend Over, Scorpio

Entrepreneurship: Crown of Success, Cipriano, Red River Van Van, Aries, Red Hot Road Opener, Virgo (financial protection), Libra (so everyone loves you), Scorpio

Cloaking: Gemini, Play Nice

Truth: Cipriano, Do As I Say, Essence of Bend Over, Cancer, Mermaid, Star of Glory

Road Openers: Crown of Success, Red Hot Road Opener, Red River Van Van, Fast Luck, Blessings, Uncrossing, Cleansing, 333 Artisan

Glory, Success, Achievement: Shi Shi, Crown of Success, Aries, Cipriano, Red River Van Van, Leo, Mermaid, Star of Glory, Link Up, Scorpio, I AM

Creatives/Creativity: 333 Artisan Oil, Red Hot Road Opener, Shi Shi, Star of Glory, Link Up, Leo, Mermaid, GTFO (banishing creative blocks)

Communication: Gemini, Aries, Follow Me Bae, Leo, Do As I Say, 333 Artisan

Networking/Connections: Link Up, Crucible of Courage, Cipriano, Red River Van Van, Mermaid, Leo, Gemini, Virgo

Stability, emotionally and/or financially: Taurus, Blessings, Self Love, Cancer, Grieve and Release, Self Love, Virgo, Libra, Burnout, I AM

Sex Workers: Fuck Me, Follow Me Bae, Bewitchment, I'm a Snack, Cipriano, Fast Luck, Leo, Cling to Me

Financiers, Traders, Money Movers: Money oil, Crown of Success, Shi Shi, Fast Luck, Red Road Hot Opener, Cipriano (for the risk takers), Virgo

Politicians and Political Organizers: Courtcase, Bewitchment, I'm a Snack, Crown of Success, Money, Link Up, 333 Artisan, Libra, Scorpio (power), Queen of Victory

Beauty: Self Love, Fuck Me, Cipriano, Bewitchment, Follow Me Bae, I'm a Snack, Libra

For you sketchy types doing suspect things: Courtcase, Fast Luck, Galactic Protection, Queen of Victory, Scorpio

Clearing/Removal of Negativity: Uncrossing, GTFO, Love Uncrossing, Cleansing, Grieve and Release, Queen of Victory

Empaths, Counselors, and Spiritual Workers: Galactic Protection, Red River Van Van, Blessings, Star of Glory, Self Love, Grieve and Release, Banishing, Shi Shi, Red Brick Dust, Mermaid, Cleansing, Queen of Victory

Spirituality: Star of Glory, Cancer, Leo, I AM, 333 Artisan

Healing: Vivication, Self Love, Love Uncrossing, Grieve and Release, Uncrossing, Cleansing, I AM, Burnout

For people who can't make up their minds about anything: Crown of Success, Red River Van Van, Fast Luck, Cipriano

Find oils that resonate with you and go have fun.

Time to get to work, folks. ❤

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