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Condition Oils for Educators 

🗣BACK TO SCHOOL WORK If you are a teacher or tutor or handle any interactions with students, consider incorporating one or some these condition oils into your morning or weekly routine: Do As I Say (applied on your throat): for getting students to be more receptive to following your verbal commands. You can also use it to speak blessings, protection, and success over your class/student(s). This works GREAT if you are a coach. Essence of Bend Over (anoint the seats): to get students to be more compliant to your authority; be more generous if you have a particularly difficult student Crown of Success (anoint the desks): it is THE academic's oil, so use to imbue the energies of success, focus/clearing, and individual empowerment. Also very good to use students are doing projects, entering contests, sending submissions or other goal-focused work to give them a leg up or enhance their chances of more fruitful outcomes. Mermaid oil: can be used as a cooler version of Crown, to promote more thinking, clarity, sharpness and inqusitivity; can also be used to promote charity in students, which could work well when inspiring them to do class activities such as fundraisers or food drives Play Nice, GTFO, or Galactic Protection oil (blessing your door/threshold): to ward/limit negativity, violence, lift moodiness and anxiety Crucible of Courage or Cleansing: simply to be used as often as necessary, for yourself when shit gets tough.

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