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Condition Oils for Students 

Crown of Success: By design, this was made for success in all efforts of study and discipline. Use this to stimulate creativity, ideas, and strategic thinking for your kids. Crown is uplifting and inspiring and does well to keep laziness at bay, and may actually encourage leadership and competitiveness. It pairs well in student efforts that are highly individualistic (applying to college and jobs, community service, creative submissions) and achievement-focused (where awards and rewards are sought). Red Hot Road Opener: to aggressively remove blockages from your kid's path (or you, if you are the student) related to academics such as feelings of boredom, unrest, tension, unnecessary attachments and time wasters. It's important to set up structure and strategies to help your kid excel more in their goals, even if their goal is just to get homework done faster so they can goof off the rest of the day (45/15 minute rule saved my ass in college). Mermaid oil: promotes clear mind/thoughts, encourages problem solving and dissolves anxiety for enhancing serenity. It's great for people who love to be in their head a lot, who write and draw often, and are in love with ideas, and it inspires generosity and kinship. Crucible of Courage or Self Love: for the kid who struggles with anxiety, depression, ideation, nervousness. Both are formulated to induce feelings of bliss, calm, and vigor and is good for those seeking to make friends Love Uncrossing: they get their hearts broken too 🤷🏾‍♂️. Helps them gently break romantic connections and lessens the tension and anxiety that comes with heart breaks. Promotes feelings of empowerment and individuality. Link Up: for when your kid is networking for job opportunities, internships, and other connections. Use during application processes to increase chances of connectivity and negotiations. Red River Van Van: for transmting your student's bad luck, wrapping them in swift spiritual protection. It is for the entrepreneurial child, so use for sales and fundraiser related activities or if your child runs their own business (if it's an odd or quirky business, use Cipriano!). This oil is a smooth attractant like the Red herself and conjures up the business-style attitude that uniquely lives in us all. Grieve and Release: Let's hope this won't be the case. These are good starters. Link in comments

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