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Crucible of Courage for Empowerment

Crucible of Courage is one of those little quiet friends who never says much but does more than its fair share for others.

It might be akin to a confidence oil, but it's a little more tenacious and enduring in its versatility. You call upon the power of Crucible when staring uncertainty in the face but can't take the first step forward. This oil pushes you into action. It moves quickly, severing anxiety and trepidation and encouraging you to make a choice, to take a risk because often our *inaction* to a situation can worsen our quality of life. Use this when you feel as though you are at a crossroads in your life.

If it had a southern accent, it would say to you: "Go on now. Git."😂

Crucible is a confidence booster. It will make your spirit tingle in a way that makes you feel ALIVE! That you can do whatever you NEED to do in a situation that requires nerves of steel and it is a magnificent blender with all of my other condition oils.

Crucible of Courage teaches you to strut. Its formula requires a little heat, to invigorate your mind and body to leap into doing. It requires you to trust in yourself, your skills and in your resources. It imbues you with a little extra power for whatever you need it for.

Stage fright? Try Crucible. Melancholy? Crucible. Struggling with self-esteem? Crucible. Impostor Syndrome? Crucible. Applying for a new job? Crucible. Networking events? Crucible. Tradeshows? Crucible. Need 5 fucking minutes from these niggas? Crucible. Have an extra shift at work? Crucible. Horny? Fucking Crucible.

Crucible tells you to put a little pep in your step and do what you gotta.

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