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Did you SPILL your condition oil?!

So your clumsy ass knocked over your favorite bottle of condition oil, hmm?Was it Crown? Everybody loves knocking that one the fuck over 😂

First of all, welcome to the club. Its okay. I once spilled half of a BATCH of money oil on the floor and I was LIT. My wallet was lit later, but I was fucking pressed at the time.

Spilling your condition oil is a sign your ancestors affirming your work! Depending on what you spill and how much is spilled, no matter how annoying, this has always been a violently LOUD sign that your specific blessings are imminent. Ask for clear signs if you wish, but your spirits are already ahead of you anyway. Knocking over a vial and spilling it is an answer to your prayer or problem and is often timely to whatever you happen to be experiencing or thinking about in that period of time.

Whenever I spill any of them, especially on a clean surface, I try and get some on any tealight I have nearby so I can light them and recite some prayers. Or I'll dab cotton balls in them and place them in relevant places, like my pocket, or the car, or I'll rub it it on windows, and doors and my hair and skin, my man, on my gris gris (if appropriate) and wherever else my ancestors tell me.

Take the spilled vial, polish it back up and set it aside for at least a month. You won't be needing it for at least that long. The Work has been activated.

Condition oil makes excellent furniture or floor polish, and boy does it make wood shine. 😉Ain't no point in crying over spilled milk - clean the shit up and haul ass.

And dont be shy about pushing my oils to their limits. I study and read about plants all day before they ever become part of a formula and these formulas are designed to address all kinds of extremes.

Be bold and creative in your work with them if you wish but do NOT underestimate the power of deceptively simple techniques.

Life goes on💕

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