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Eclipse Oil Notes

The Magical Notes:

-Eclipse oil brings about sudden (and sometimes miraculous) changes and suits any work related to growth. Because this oil fell under a lunar eclipse cycle, it is meant to govern our emotional cycles, our psychic development, and wisdom.

-Eclipse oil can reset your current emotional cycle by bringing any blockages in our subconscious to the forefront of our minds.

-You can use Eclipse in meditative and reflective rituals: who do you forgive, what do you need to release and move on from? You may find yourself presented with opportunities to let go of an emotional experience you've outgrown. Consider it a final purge.

-Eclipse is also a healing oil, and can be used for works that transcend time (such as inner child work, trauma release, etc,).

Adding Eclipse oil to any other ritual amplifies the magic to provide positive and fortunate outcomes.

Colors: gold, silver, white, black, purple


-This oil is the introduction to the Planetary line. It will be made somewhat different each cycle, depending on if it was made during a solar or lunar Eclipse. The effects will be noted in the release.

-Use for good luck when starting over, in life or on a project.

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