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Gemini Oil Notes

Updated: Jul 21, 2021


Include this years info in your notes!


-Use when wanting to increase charisma/charm and improve communication. When you wish to speak your mind comfortably and freely, Gemini oil will help you get your points across.

-Use to sharpen and stimulate the mind, inspire inquisitive thoughts and protects against psychic attacks and wards us from vampirism ass individuals. If you are in creative fields, Gemini oil may sweep through with a flurry of ideas for you.

-Use to curb anxiety related to transitions in life. Gemini is all about flexibility and connection. Gemini oil helps soothe our nerves when moving through cycles and changes so we feel more grounded in our decision-making.

-Use for protection and luck when making short travels/trips and for navigating through new spaces. Be sure to put on some good music to really amplify the mood.


-Gemini oils draws out flirtiness. Watch yourself.

-Colors you can pair with this oil: yellow, orange, pink, blue, white.

-Burn on some lights for your ancestors born during this period or for yourself to bring the blessings of the Genini season. Wear while learning, doing artistic activities, meditating and traveling around.

Link in comments. The oil will be here until June 21st!

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what are the notes for this oil?

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