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How to Use Enchantrix Oil for Your Love Life

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Enchantrix oil is a premier love oil with a triple nature: capable of drawing love, recalling lost love, and healing broken-heartedness. It stirs the deepest longing in our lovers, and enraptures the hearts of those affected by its presence. Here is a list of ways you can put Enchantrix oil to work.

❤️[To heal a broken heart] Add a nightly dropper of Enchantrix to your bath for 3 nights with a cup of milk and submerge briefly 3 times, giving your grief to the water. Reflect.

❤️Rub Enchantrix oil inside your knees when anticipating an exciting sexual encounter

❤️Anoint the corners of your headboard to draw new love, or on the legs to amplify passion and protect your relationship from outsiders' attacks. Enchantrix oil counterattacks other entrapment spells or jealousy aimed at your relationship.

❤️Bless the gift bags/boxes with Enchantrix oil for events like bridal parties, anniversaries, birthdays, lusty or romantic adult-themed gatherings.

❤️Anoint bottom of a wine glass (wine must be rosé) with Enchantrix oil and offer it to your beloved to kindle their affections to you.

❤️Gently warm Enchantrix oil and massage into the body as desired. I pour a little hot water from my electric tea kettle into a bowl and set the bottle in it for a minute or two to heat it up before applying to the body (my husband loves this method😉)

❤️Blend sugar and cayenne on a white plate. Drizzle Enchantrix oil over it and place it under your target's bed to encourage generosity and cooperation.

❤️Soak Enchantrix oil into a cottonball and carry with you, so that everyone who beholds you becomes spellbound.

❤️Dab a tiny bit of Enchantrix oil on the corners of love letters and greeting cards.

❤️When gifting a boquet to someone, bless the stems with Enchantrix oil to make an extra-favorable impression. Select Zinnias and Sunflower-based boquets to bring extra blessings in love and happiness.

❤️Anoint wrists, hands, and neck before attending large social outings: house parties, clubs, restaurants, reunions, couple's trips, date nights, park/lake groupings etc.

❤️Soak a Jezebel root with Enchantrix oil and carry to influence men to cooperate with your wishes or desires. Soak a High John root with Enchantrix oil if directing this energy towards a woman, or on a twig of rosemary when you're the benevolent authority of an office/house.

❤️Anoint beryl gems with Enchantrix oil to reinvigorate or rescue fading love. Anoint bloodroot with Enchantrix and hang in your home to keep your existing love strong. Reinforce occasionally with a single drop.

❤️Candle types you can use with Enchantrix oil: Lover's candle (an intertwined couple), taper candle (purple, pink, red, white, black), penis/vagina candles, red witch candles (associated with love magic), red tealights (especially scented ones)

This isn't an endless list of methods by any means, but it should be enough to get most of you hustling 💪🏾Get your Enchantrix oil here.

Good luck!

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