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How To Use Star of Glory Oil

Here are a few ways to put your Star of Glory abundance oil to great use.

-Burn tall glass candles with Star of Glory oil for the general magical purposes of: cleansing, divining, blessings, anxiety (use white); change of luck (use red); prosperity and financial miracles (use deep green); for truth and abundance (use blue); for luck in love and relationships (use pink/purple); for protection against evil, uncrossing, blockbuster, freedom from debt, banishment (use black); for wealth and opportunities for riches (use purple/gold).

-Anoint all gold objects you can with Star of Glory oil to keep the currents of wealth flowing towards you.

-Anoint your third eye before divining. This will allow spirits to continue clarifying info for you post-reading and makes communication easier for both parties. Star of Glory oil possesses strong psychic protection powers and keeps malignant entities FAR away.

-Wipe your furniture down with Star of Glory to bring in positive change and elevate the energies in the room

-Bless your checkbooks, bank statements, work desk, important letterhead, bills, your petty cash, your front and back bumpers of your car, your front door, your business cards, your wind chimes and bells, your shoes, your resume, your children's belongings/backpack and any other object that will draw beneficial and shielding energy. You can bless "square" shaped objects by anointing the four corners and the center with a drop of oil , rubbed between your index finger and thumb. Don't overthink it.

-Wear Star of Glory oil on your hands and behind your earlobe before a job interview or important meeting. This will give you the necessary powers.

-If you need inspiration, focus, connect with your Higher Self, meditation, or self reflection, take a white candle of any size. Carve it with your problem and desired solutions, and your info. Dress with Star of Glory oil and burn over a photo of yourself. When it's burned down, dispose of it outside of your house.

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