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Lesson in Cosmic Blessings

I was playing with a new batch of Galactic Protection trying to achieve a "space-rock debris" effect. While I was all "😍😍😍" at the glitter like an idiot, two ancestors arrived, speaking as one and said something unusual.

"Let's pretend the black is the universe, the expanse of everything in all dimensions and times, all encompassing. When you are manifesting, praying, your outcomes of all your prayers through the sum of your life - and your lives - is represented here, answered affirmatively. This is also true for mostly everyone else who lives and prays and wishes. Every speck of glitter is a prayer answered for you by an ancestor, at all times, and at any time, now as well as in the future. For these are also future prayers answered. You can manifest, truly, anything because you are part of that all empowering Darkness that binds us all, and so you are constantly in a state of manifesting all this light in your life. These little lights you see are blessings in their innumerable forms and existences. Sometimes the blessings are people, jobs, opportunities, money on the ground, a laugh on a depressing day, rain where there has been drought, a hot meal, an orgasm, a life saved, a birth, a healthy body, a blocked bullet, a nice day, a paycheck, freedom from prison, a healthy garden, disaster averted. You get the idea. Blessings are abundant when you seek them. They seek you in return, in earnest. You are the shimmers, you are the black ink, you are the bottle in which this oil swirls, as are we, the ancestors, in our collectiveness. You are in separable from Cosmic Oneness. You can always call what you need from it, forth. It will come, like every flicker of light dancing before your eyes. This oil represents protection? Yes, because it is the many shimmers of light that protect you from all things in the Darkness. This is also true for everyone else. Your lights can never be destroyed. Settled, perhaps, if you do not shake them up and pray. So keep praying, and keep shaking us up, so we can keep shaking your blessings. You are loved."

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