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Love Drawing Prayer


Bring me the Love who shakes my world in the most exultant ways. A Love who can cater to my needs, timelessly in adoration, like the vibrant beauty of Evergreen tree. Bring me a Love who knows what Healing is.

Bring me a Love that does not tremble before me, a Love that is stable is all the capacities You know I need; who tends to me, cherishes me, dotes on me, who reveres that about myself that I cannot always cherish. Bring me a Love who takes care of me how I wish to be taken care of.

Let them descend out of the Divine Splendor and into my world. Let our love be like the first crisp bite of an apple; the overflowing sweetness of the nectarine; the slow pour of honey over warm cake, dripping from the wings of ever-pleasing vibrations of godliness.

Bring me a Love that makes my bedroom tremble. Who can sensualize the mundane. Who can taste the ecstasy of our Souls intertwining. Who can draw pleasure and joy as effortlessly as the universe expands. Who sees the exquisite beauty in the All That Is.

Bring me - Them.

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