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Money Drawing Prayer I

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

"I'm not stuck. I have the power to level up my life.

I ask that I'm graced with the always expanding presence of Money. Money, dangling like vines from a tree, come wrap your tendrils around my life and squeeze me with coins and currency. Be as generous with this as the ocean is generous with fish, stretching across the horizon. Follow me, Money, everywhere I go. Stick to me like a shadow. I'm a magnet for Money and all the financial luck it brings. I draw Money from every road, every corner, every sale, every call, every thoughtful breath I take. Money, you are my friend, my dearest of loves - come stay with me. I attract an abundance of Money, and it clings to me the way the planets cling to their rotations around the sun. My actions and movements are prosperous. I pray that my income is unlimited, unrestrained by beliefs, fears and negativity. Money finds me in all ways. I embrace Money positively and without hesitation. I ask that Money speeds my way, so I may better my life and the lives of others. Money, plug up my financial drains and turn them into my cash cows, into opportunities for financial increase and advancement. Avert lack, wasteful spending, theft, and financial mishaps. Protect my hard-earned dollars. Money, the oldest human exchange of trust, the authority of worth, wealth and value - pour riches into me through every single aspect of my existence."

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