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Pisces Oil Notes


-Pisces oil strengthens our intuition and heightens our natural psychic abilities and skills due to its cleansing properties and cool, soothing nature

-Use to exploring dreams and recalling past life memories. Anoint yourself before bedtime, a nap or a long meditation session. The oil endows you with endows you with the gift for understanding things at deep spiritual levels.

-Pisces can be used as a love oil to deepens one romantic affections and improve their interpersonal relations within your social circles. It enhances passion, feelings of pure love, kindness and generosity. It teaches us how to become more selfless.

-Pisces oil governs our creativity and manifesting power. You will discover your creative energies become more focused and oriented towards making a difference in the communities you serve in. This is the time to pursue the creative projects you've set aside or turn up new ones. Indulge your artistic hobbies.

-Pisces oil can be used in works of beauty and for manifesting beauty in our daily lives. Pisces sees the best in everyone.


-Pisces oil has a dreamy effect, submerging you in an ocean of unconditional love and support. Your thoughts will turn towards "big picture" ideas and endless possibilities.

-Use Pisces oil to protect your empathetic nature as opposed to soaking up the emotions of those around you. Burn blue or white candles with it promote peace in the home

-Colors this oil likes: yellow, lavender, peach, red, pink, light greens, blue

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