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Prayer for A Broken Heart and Moving On

"Ancestors, Lift me up in strength and help me mend my heart. Seal up the wounds of a jilted love and for love lost, having never been fully appreciated. Turn those scars into charms for good luck, and let them carry me a fortune swifter than the eye could blink. Ease my grief into a blossoming completion of self-love and self-acceptance. For where there have been tears, let them now be only shed in joy. Dismantle the fullness of my heart and mind, and let it flow far from me, returning to source, so I may fly - liberated and whole. May peace and stability be channeled directly into every cycle of my life, unbroken - full of an enriching and exhilarating happiness. Be it so, that this unendangered love can be so freely shared without consequence."

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