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Prayer for Love, Sex, and Glamour

"Hear me, all you beautiful Essences of Love, you who seam your powers into the the souls of both gods and humans. You, who opens the spirit to undulating waves of ecstasy and joy. Please send me a lover who indulges me in the ways I wish to be honored. Let the anointing song of romantic and sexual Love pervade my life in the healthiest and most meaningful ways. Give me the Lover whose kisses are like fine silk unto my body; the Lover who worships my desires as their own; who's loving touch displaces all reason. Give me my Lover, who whispers honeyed words to the most exquisite, indulgent parts of my spirit. May we fill each other up with reflections of Divine Passion. Sensual Intelligences, parading through the cosmos, carrying intimacy and yearning on your wings, replenish and uplift me. Heal my lingering traumas. Bring me the partners who will venerate my body as if they were enraptured with your Love. Glamourous energies, fill my spirit with the beauty of a rose with 1,000 petals, the way dewdrops glisten with the resplendent glory of the rising sun. Make me as magnificent. Bring me Lovers who are passionate, who are beautiful for me, who indulges my lust, a pleaser of my desires. May we find each other faster than thieves in the dark. Be sweet and fortuitous to me in all matters of Love, and please open these roads to sexual fulfilment and satisfaction. Do do not let my plea be in vain. I thank you for your past generosity."

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