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Revocation Prayer 

REVOCATION PRAYER: "Ancestors, Bear witness and assist me in expelling evil decrees out of my life. May the effervescent power of prosperity and breakthrough be weaved into me, all of my days. May I march forward in wealth. The pettiness, the jealousies, the besmirchment against me, I revoke you. May my enemies' loose tongues be sewn shut and their throats bound in agonized silence. The malicious attacks in all their forms against my life, my livelihood and my loved ones, I revoke you. The confusion, anxieties, weaknesses, heaviness of body and spirit, sleep terrors, unhealthy attachments spoken against me, I revoke you. Vile and negative forces, energy vampires, parasitic spirits in every manifested form attempting to use me as food, I revoke you. I incinerate all your links to me, your traces and essences interfering with my happiness, and I scatter them to the winds like angry ashes. I paralyze the camps of my enemies, and I rain flaming daggers upon their vehicles of operations. Weak sauce does not flow. I dry up all your hateful words and deeds so that they cannot even harm the fleas, flies, and the ticks that feast upon your diseased spirit. All these unwanted presences - you are hereby forever dismissed from my existence. I'm encircled in an unrelenting whirlwind of divine and ancestral protection."

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