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Sagittarius Oil Notes

Updated: Jul 9, 2022


-Sagittarius oil is the oil of joy, harmony, and affection. When you desire to enhance these attributes in your daily life, Sagittarius opens the roads personal satisfaction and fulfillment.

-Sagittarius oil brings luck and protection in our travels. It helps us map out our destinations, make travel plans, find discounts and activities to do to enjoy for our "away" times.

-Stimulates spirituality and elation, happiness. There's something about this sign and its children that invokes adventure and youthful energy in us (yall Sags party too hard is what I'm sayin). Sagittarius oil allows us to be receptive and open to message from other spiritual realms. You will find that it enlivens your thoughts and makes your mind feel more awakened.

-True to its fiery nature, Sagittarius oil clears out mental fogginess and unlocks our inspiration so we can assert our will into the world or share our thoughts with ease. Our minds and hearts become better synchronized and our thoughts and visions turn deeper.

-Draws new friends, invigorates all other existing relationships in ones life. Your interactions with others may feel more lively or engaging. Punk candles help with all of this part.


-Give to a couple as a gift to bring affection and harmony in their marriage

-Colors this oil likes: orange, red, yellow, white, pink

-Can be used in love/romance work to increase nurturing behavior or spontaneity in partners. Sexual encounters are more "here for a good time" type of event. In an established relationship, you will feel free-spirited.

-Wanderlust is heightened. You should combine with money workings to find discounts and savings on travel and gas expenses

-Burn on your ancestor shrine to celebrate your ancestors of that sign or for yourself, or to bring the unique blessings of Sagittarius season

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