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Self Love as Transformation

In light of Mental Health Month, it makes sense for me to discuss my more emotional and mentally focused condition oils. And I need to highlight an oil that has been extremely important to the daily sustenance for many of you.

I think Self Love oil is the most radical and transformative of any condition oil I've ever come to create, even though it doesn't come with that same sort of glory of many of the popular ones. But Self Love has been essential for establishing a firm foundation of emotional fortitude that allows us to move forward in the face of any challenge.

It is a puppy love oil. It forces you to have unwavering love and support of yourself. It does not judge you. It does not work against you. It is your silent companion that brings you everything you need, in the moment, to address the demons in your path.

Self Love oil matters because YOU matter. You cannot, without extreme difficulty, conjure the life you're desiring without an unapologetic and unshakeable belief in YOURSELF that you are powerful enough to change your circumstances. That is the core belief that makes magic... magic.

This oil was formulated to eliminate anxiety, feelings of being overwhelmed and nervous and tense. It overrides those emotions with intense feelings of elation, elevation and empowerment. Take it from me, when the full force of this oil hits you, there is nothing that can rock your faith. It pulls you into the complete and utter ecstasy of tapping into your own Divine power.

Self Love forces us to reinforce all our boundaries. It whisper soothing words to us that our traumas are not our weaknesses, but pinnacles of power and energy in which we harness to make differences in our own worlds. Self Love tells you that while your feelings may be valid, you are strong enough to conquer them and attain the glory, the comfort, the stability, the happiness your soul has yearned for since your arrival on this earth.

Self Love is important because it will aggressively force you to accept yourself and all your flaws, talents, skills and strengths and fuck ups and failures but encourage you to do better and want better for yourself.

Surviving is hard for a lot of us. Self Love is a reminder that survival, too, is a condition that can be conquered.

Prosper. Onward.

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