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Taurus Oil Notes


-Use in work to draw money, preferably from stable channels. In the same vein, Taurus oil can be worked in matters of luxury and financial stability. If you like to collect certain items, Taurus oil may call these desires to the surface.

-Use to awaken and deepen sensuality and heighten the senses. You may experience heightened states of pleasure, indulgence and eroticism. This oil is highly hedonistic.

-Taurus oil will strengthen our connections to food, sex, and the Earth. Its nurturing formula overrides anxiety/fear and helps us stay emotionally grounded. Even wearing in the presence of others will radiate calmness.

-Use to attain practical ideas and insight to your problems. Taurus oil can empower us to see our plans/projects through to completion while dispensing the creativity and determination necessary to get our work done.

-Promotes within you feelings of generosity, kindness, patience, diligence and understanding. Unlike fiery Aries zooming off, Taurus oil calls us to move slowly and strategically so that we see success in our efforts. If gardening, Taurus oil helps us become more attuned to our plants, to wildlife and nature in general.


-Fun Taurus activities you can pair with this oil: gardening, cooking/eating comfort foods, sleeping, buying expensive things at great value, watching your favorite shows, exploring nature, making out, working on a creative project

-Colors this oil likes: white, green, brown, yellow, gold, purple. This can go for candle work as well.

-Set a light for your ancestors of this sign or to welcome in the energy of Taurus season. Pray for conditions such as: trustworthiness, loyalty, tenacity, romance, wealth and money, stability, diligence and thoroughness.

Link in comments Taurus! Taurus oil will be here until May 20th!

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