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Fuck Me Oil as Harnessing Sexual Power

Updated: May 29, 2019

Fuck Me oil is near and dear to my heart because it's my first condition oil. 😍 I made it cuz I was doing hoe shit and then here came all my other hoe-minded friends and here we are 😂. Oops.

Fuck Me oil is aggressive, hands down. It and Shi Shi are the only two oils that I would describe as possessing a "trickster" energy. You never know what path it will take you on - and everything is worth venturing into when it comes to Fuck Me oil.

The primary uses of this oil is for drawing, intensifying, and sensualizing your overall sexual experiences. It whispers sweet-nothings to your libido. In other words, it will make you horny as fuck. If you already have a huge sexual appetite, it's gonna send your mind to some GUTTERS, especially if you're around or engaging with partners that can match your desires and energy.

It was also one of the first oils I glamorized, which is why people often report that when wearing it, it has this ensnaring effect on others. It was made to magnetize pleasure to you. It encourages you to indulge. To shed prudishness, inhibition, and elevate you out of any particular sexual anxieties you may have. Fuck Me says there's no shame in having fun and getting the kind of lovin' you want. Be the slut who lives inside.

I've since sharpened the recipe in some areas at the behest of the Folks. You may even notice the scent has become even more seductive and alluring and perhaps a little like dark chocolate. These changes were incorporated to enhance the feelings and sensation of eroticism, ecstasy, indulgence and it makes you radiate with assertiveness.

Fuck Me oil challenges you to be bold with honesty about what you want out of your sexual experiences and sexual partners. It does not apologize in its expressions so that you, too, may feel encouraged to let that freak flag of yours truly fly.

And....I mean, this is literally hoe weather. Ain't nobody finna be in their clothes anyway so go be free like the Creator intended!

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