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Love Uncrossing and Our Emotional Wellbeing

This oil is primarily formulated to address issues in our romantic lives, but it can cover our platonic relationships in the way it speaks to overarching themes of boundaries, toxicity, and intimacy.

Functionally, Love Uncrossing removes the spiritual attachments interfering in our love lives that can manifest as toxic emotions (jealousy, insecurity, selfishness, etc), which can hinder and block the type of love we crave individually.

I personally don't believe all crossed conditions are *necessarily* a result of spiritual attack or witchcraft, but that those are the tools used intensify the emotions, fears, and beliefs that cause us to stall and fail in our efforts to move forward. That's where the blockage comes from, us building walls around ourselves by fueling those fears, at the same time your enemies hand you the logs, when they laid the curses on you.

Because Love Uncrossing is the Red's domains, it's power helps you wash those issues away - sometimes gently, sometimes frighteningly fast. It calls upon its essence of the River's ability to be an exchange of connection and romance. Love Uncrossing reminds that no matter what, you will move on to bigger and better things, as a river moves into the sea.

Love Uncrossing says you will return to abundance, protection, cosmic and literal Oneness, eternal balance. That you you will find a way around and through any blockages and obstacles or else you will destroy them. You must believe in yourself to know that you will ALWAYS move forward. That you will always meet and be loved along your path to Oneness, so long as you do not build a dam upon yourself or let others obstruct your flow to romantic happiness.

That is what Love Uncrossing does for us.

LIBERATE us in the name of Divine Love.

And as my Baba has always said: "Water has no enemy."

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