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March 2024 Affirmation for Personal Power

White azaleas

Please recite your March 2024 Affirmation (Personal Power!):

"I allow myself to be a magnet for my highest desires right now. As I fall in love with myself more, the world falls in love with me. All experiences are but a moment in passing, good or bad. We are all intimately connected. No matter what is happening, the only way through is through. Have faith, hold on, and you will have peace from chaos and joy from your sorrows. The universe is bringing me closer to the love that I am meant for, for it is already mine."

Recite: Once in the morning, Thursdays, Friday, and Monday

Suggested Service: Candle work (request Blessings or Open Roads)

Growth Question: In what ways do you mask your authentic self? Why?

Goal Idea for the Season: Expand your professional network. What makes you come alive?

Happiness: Plan your next dream vacation.

Purge these things: old calendars and planners, old invitations, catalogs, rusty tools, boxes, spices you never use, old pillows, scratchy towels, blankets you don't use, dull nail files, old candles, clothes hangers, magazines, expired medicine, old emails, expired sunblock, any empty containers, unfinished craft projects, clothes with stains or holes in them.

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