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Days of the Week for Rituals and Spells

sunset over cross lake
Sunset over Cross Lake

Monday: Psychic endeavors or impressions, wisdom, intuition, invoking power, creative ideas, divine inspirational messages, healing, fertility spells, the Moon, consecration of jewelry, divination

Tuesday: Protection, courage, building strength of body and mind, sexual encounters, confidence, victory, assertiveness, enhancing passion, activating talismans and amulets

Wednesday: Change, business, communications, travel, intellectual pursuits, career or job issues/spells, research, planning, opening paths

Thursday: Abundance, health, grounding, spirituality, finances, legal matters, development, finances, crafting spells for good luck and restoration, prosperity and fortune

Friday: Romance, friendship, love, reconciliation, all relationships, physical makeovers, beautifying the environment, harmony and growth. Make baths, charms, potions, and satchets for love and pleasure

Saturday: Karma, banishing, protection, brainstorming, future projects, home-related issues, weight loss, commitments to personal goals, releasing bad habits, ending relationships. Cleanse away problems in your home and life and eliminate negative influences. Cast spells for retribution and justice

Sunday: Fame, success, healing of the body, mind and soul, insight to solving problems, miracles, management and decision-making, special friendships, divine intervention, gold, casting spells for wealth.

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