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Condition Oil Tips & Techniques

Are you in need of a few new ways to apply any of your condition oils? Give a couple of these ideas a try and pray for breakthrough!

•on office items (pens, keys stapler, pads)

•anointing photos/images of your desires

•in your laundry (a few drops)

•on your headboard/bedposts

•on canes, staves, crystals, wands

•for visualizations, meditations or while praying anoint 3rd eye

•into wet concrete mix or paint

•on your fishing pole, boat, canoe, etc

•on your bath mat/welcome mat

•dab on your light switches

•in/on candles (a little will do)

•lights for ancestors

•condition lamps

•in a floorwash or room mist

•amulets/talismans/gris gris

•in bathwater and soaps to "refreshen"

•for moisturizing after a bath

Suggested Oils to Use for Above Exercises:

Bend Over, Blessings, Red Hot Road Opener, Do As I Say, Crucible of Courage, Siren (if you have it), Crown of Succcess

Note this: practice each of these techniques consistently, about 3 times each per condition oil. Make note of YOUR favorite methods. After that, use them and the oil(s) as needed to resolve or augment any situation you're experiencing. You will become a sharper person each time!

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