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Love Uncrossing Rituals To Move Forward In Life

Love Uncrossing oil is needed for those of you currently going through a (tough) ending of a relationship, a divorce, a job dismissal, or if you are in the throes of family dysfunction.

***13 nights over the heart chakra, with prayers for removing "emotional dead weight" in your life. Burning on black candles will aid in this.

***Add Love Uncrossing oil to your former lovers laundry, along with an infusion of wormwood, cinnamon and rosemary.

***Add Love Uncrossing oil to any objects that you're getting rid of from a previous relationship, from furniture to rings to shoes/clothes and on any intimate objects.

Love Uncrossing is a Road Opener for Love matters and is advisable to use as a spiritual cleanser if you're in a fling/hookup stage with someone. White candles if things ended amicably, black if they did not. Pink if the love is growing.

Most importantly, Love Uncrossing enforces BOUNDARIES and can be used to empower the words you speak over your love life/manifestations. It is a Self Respect oil of the highest degree.

Love Uncrossing oil releases our need to control people or situations. It pauses our the discomfort in us that causes us to overreact and helps you find the courage to talk through your issues.

Use it when you are moving forward and have no desire to look back at what you left behind. Use Love Uncrossing on a green candle for 9 days, praying to manifest relationships where you can share your feelings, experience closeness and have security without feeling neglected, broken or defective.

You can give people your heart, but do not give them your heartbreak.

You understand? You understand. 🤷🏾‍♂️💓

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