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How to Use Money Drawing Oil

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Below are a various number of ways to apply Money oils to enhance and stabilize the flow of money and income. Many of these techniques are geared towards manifesting financial miracles, to prosper one's business and sales, to avert financial catastrophe and build the many roads of wealth.

🔸️Anoint 3rd eye before bed to aid in recognizing opportunities and visualize financial goals

🔸️If your right hand itches, apply 3 drops of Money oil. Use Crown if it's the left hand

🔸️Gently apply on throat chakra to speak the right words to generate or attact money. Apply before interview or a business meeting

🔸️Anoint the tables and chairs of conference rooms

🔸️Wear 1 drop of Money oil on your wrist or behind your ears DAILY until your current financial situation boons

🔸️Use when improving or working on your lesser known talents

🔸️To radiate prosperous energy, anoint your palms, soles, belly, and neck with Money oil before leaving home for the day

🔸️For urgent money, rub Money oil on a green candle and roll the candle in coffee. Burn (with prayers)

🔸️Anoint the bottom of objects your trying to sell (discretion!)

🔸️Anoint the bells on the front door of your business

🔸️Bless any of these spaces in yout home with Money oil: the front and back doors, your home office, the place you set your purse or wallet, windows, gates, fences, flower pots (nit plastic tho), 4 corners of the kitchen, the pantry doors, the front steps, burglar alarm, staircase, door knocker, and balcony

🔸️Anoint some of your cash prior to spending to have it return to you

🔸️Anoint your checkbooks, bank statements financial folders/binders to keep your money in a positive state

🔸️Apply Money oil on your master resumer/CV, brochures, business cards, work plaques/awards

🔸️Dab on the bottoms of your expensive cologne/perfume

🔸️Anoint a photo of yourself once a week, or a photo of your desired car, dream home, job description, etc and work often with candles

🔸️Anoint a past due bill when paying or negotiating

🔸️Wear Money oil when signing a financial contract or visiting a bank or related institution

🔸️(If a waiter/server), dab money oil under empty seats and tables, on pens and pads that will be signed

🔸️(If stylist) dab Money oil underr empty chairs, products or bells at the front

🔸️Apply a drop in your shoes when actively out employment hunting

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